Hoop Story #032: Raheem Shobowale, Founder of Whoeem /Player Movement Director, Nike Basketball

Hoop Story #032: Raheem Shobowale, Founder of Whoeem /Player Movement Director, Nike Basketball

How did you first get involved in basketball?

As a kid basketball was my favorite sport outside of soccer. Coming to America from Nigeria I still loved soccer but watching NBA games with players such as Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon inspired my love for basketball and I wanted to learn more about the game.


You have been a part of the coaching staff at Eleanor Roosevelt/Team Takeover for 7 years now. What do you enjoy most about working with these kids?

Changing the lives of young people is something that I am truly passionate about and I often feel like a father to some of the players/students. Watching them grow and assisting them with getting into college is an aspect of coaching that I truly enjoy. I love the game of basketball and I love giving back to young people which is why I continue to coach.

What was the experience winning state championships/Peach Jam like?

My first thought was FINALLY. It was one of the greatest experiences ever especially when you have been knocking on the door for years and it finally opens. The goal is to win a championship in any sport you play and we did that; I was a part of the process and I am forever humbled and grateful for the experience to win a State Championship and the Peach Jam.

Tell us about your role with Nike basketball. How did that come about?

My role with Nike Basketball is Player Movement Director for all Nike Basketball events. My job is to implement pre-event security and safety protocols. I am also responsible for on and off court movement which includes player check-ins, check-out, curfew, and main point of contact for emergency information regarding players. My hard work, dedication, and passion for the game while working for Team Takeover for 7 years is what ultimately led to my role with Nike Basketball. Working for Nike Basketball also provided the opportunity to work with the Jordan Brand Classic (JBC) and Chris Paul Elite Guards Camp. I was able to meet a lot of pro’s who are currently in the NBA. I am beyond grateful and blessed eem.

What is so special about seeing guys like Jayson Tatum and Victor Oladipo develop as players through Nike academy?

Jayson Tatum and Victor Oladipo were just different. Their passion for basketball, the hunger, and drive made them stand out in a room full of players. Success was the inevitable for Tatum and Oladipo and they are currently two of the best players in the world. Watching them develop and grow has been an awesome experience. I am grateful to be a part of the family.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to work for the NBA at some point in my career. I am going to continue to grind and persevere. I know my dreams will come to pass.

How did “Whoeem” come about? What does it mean?

Anytime I attended a game or event and I saw something that was different I would say “Whoeem”. Over time my students/players and friends began using the phrase to address any situation where something was not understood. For example if a player runs a set incorrectly you would say “Whoeem”. Over time the phrase picked up momentum and everyone that I knew started using the phrase. 

The “Whoeem” brand is a lifestyle that uplifts and encourages positivity in every situation. The word “Whoeem” is now used in any context. It could be used when one player dunks on another player or if someone cuts you off in traffic (lol). Whoeem!

What’s next for the “Whoeem” brand?

My goal is to continue to produce apparel that is stylish, comfortable, and affordable. I am currently working on a line of inspirational apparel. For more information check out @whoeem or www.whoeem.com.

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