Mike Dunn, Shooting Coach | Hoop Story #057

Mike Dunn, Shooting Coach | Hoop Story #057

How did Herb Magee and Rob Fodor influence your career?

Coach Magee was influential in that he let me see the business side of things - how camps/clinics were ran.  Rob Fodor opened my eyes up to how shooting has historically been taught wrong.  Rob was the mentor I was looking for.

You recently worked with Jordan Schakel, what approach did you take with him to bring his game to the next level?

It was all about understanding sequencing on a deeper level.  Letting the upper body lead the way and get to points of leverage that then allowed us to take advantage of how the legs were being used.  9/10 with players that going through struggles you can always come back to the sequencing of things. 

Talk about using your energy efficiently while shooting, why is the ability to create consistent energy so important?

If we can’t create energy, we have no chance of making shots.  It doesn’t matter how great your hand placement is, elbow position is, balance is, etc…if you can’t create the energy needed to get the ball TO the basket consistently, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle.  Once we understand HOW to create energy, we then understand how to “move through” those traditional points in time that I referenced above.  

What do you enjoy most from improving a player's ability to shoot?

Compounding.  Basketball is such a small piece of the puzzle.  I work with every day players who are just looking to get better.  When they start to see how daily deposits yield big time results later on down the road it starts to open their eyes up to OTHER things they may have not thought possible.  If the mark I left was JUST on the basketball court I would be doing a disservice to so many of the young men and women I get the opportunity to work with on a daily basis :)

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