Hoop Story #044: Jaime Boyer, Creator of 8eye Media

Hoop Story #044: Jaime Boyer, Creator of 8eye Media

How did growing up around a die heart Laker fan inspire your love for the game?

I think it’s the sole reason honestly. Growing up I can remember hearing my dad screaming and shouting at the TV for the Lakers, just seeing how passionate he was about the game and how serious he was definitely is the reason I love basketball. I can remember vividly his admiration & love for Magic Johnson and just the rich history of the Lakers franchise. At a young age we would have our own family disputes and debates about basketball almost every day. I definitely credit that for my love of game.

What is your full name and the story behind it?

My full name is Jaime Earvin Magic Boyer. I was named after the legendary Lakers’ point guard…I was born about a month after Magic won the championship and Finals MVP. I never got the full story but I’m assuming my dad was still on the championship high and figured why not?

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Walk us through your journey from playing at Lutheran Academy to D1 at University of Maryland at Eastern Shore?

It was a great experience. I believe the lessons I learned and relationships that were built during that period played a big part in me getting 8EYE off the ground. 

Lutheran was a daily grind for playing time, having 20-25 Division 1 prospects compete to play on the 13 man roster - year round…everyday in practice - gave me an early lesson on how hard you had to work everyday just to stay above water. In reality, practice was more intense, and competitive than most games. I remember seeing how hard guys would work on their games just to stand out in practice. There was a time me and Chris Matthews, aka Lethal Shooter would shoot about 1,000 shots per day in pursuit of offers. We went to war daily at Lutheran and many of us are lifetime friends because of it. 

Receiving a scholarship and playing at an HBCU was extremely enriching and beneficial. 

Becoming a D1, student athlete was a dream come true, and having played at that level, has helped me identify with the people I shoot and cover today. In some cases, I am able to build bonds based on my experience playing ball. University of Maryland Eastern Shore provided me with more than an opportunity to play, and earn a degree. It gave me credibility in my field, as well as it afforded me to create a lane to provide for my family and do the things that I love.

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You got started in the space by filming guys like Rysheed Jordan and Brandon Austin at the Chosen League and now you are filming some of the best players in the league such as Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum, what do you attribute all this success to?

I think it’s a combination of me always being confident & prepared, and people reaching back to help me. That is what success is all about at any level to me. One thing I learned from my parents is work ethic and always being comfortable being yourself and I think that was the foundation of what my content was created on. Guys saw my work and never hesitated to give me chances, which helped expedite my growth. I’m truly grateful to all those guys for believing in me and the opportunities they presented. Rysheed Jordan , Brandon Austin, Jaquan Newton, Isaiah Briscoe, Will Barton, Dion Waiters, Morris Twins have all done so much and I’d be wrong not to acknowledge that.

You snuck into Kobe’s last game in Philly and met him without having media credentials, how special was that game to you?

Easily one of the most amazing things that has ever happened in my life. From not having a ticket to walking into the building through the player’s entrance (salute to my guy Chuck Ellis), standing on the court as Kobe is awarded his high school jersey by Dr. J and sitting in an empty court side seat as he literally stands in front of me having conversations with the guys next to me; it was surreal.

Post game I shadowed a reporter, Anthony Gilbert, from SLAM Magazine. I then had the opportunity to meet, talk, and tell Kobe what he meant to me as a basketball player, and as a creative. That was something that seems like it only happens in movies

Looking back at that moment, after his tragic passing I truly believe God guided me through the arena that night to give my guy his flowers. I cherish it daily.

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“Don't overthink it… arm out the window,” any long term goals with 8eye media worth sharing?

Just continue to be creative & authentic with everything I do. Keep creating content that I can be proud of. Use my platform to remind people to always value yourself and your experiences along the way, even if no one else does.

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