Hoop Story #029: Isaac Green, Aspiring NBA Basketball Coach

Hoop Story #029: Isaac Green, Aspiring NBA Basketball Coach

When did you first realize that you wanted a career in basketball and how did that come to fruition?

I’ve been in love with the game for as long as I can remember. My mom, dad and older brother Harry are all basketball fanatics and put a ball in my hand before I could walk. 

As I matured, I worked at and studied the game at an advanced level. I made myself available to work 24/7 for free at 14 years old in order to provide value to an organization anyway I could. The PSA Cardinals family welcomed me with open arms.

What have been some highlights from your work with Munch Williams and the PSA Cardinals? 

There have been so many over the years, but I’d have to say the relationships built with the student-athletes from each class and the ability to impact their lives in a positive manner. 

At PSA, you enter the program as a boy and leave a young man. I’ve applied the principles of the program to my own growth as a person and basketball coach. I am forever indebted to Munch Williams, Andre Charles, Mark Carter, Justin Weir, and Jason Forde for their mentorship. 

PSA is a brotherhood: some of my lifelong best friends are program alumni, if the ball were to stop bouncing tomorrow.

You have a great relationship with Cole Anthony. Talk about his work ethic and what makes his game so unique.

I believe what makes his game so unique is his personality on and off the court. He’s a special type of person with a different type of competitive spirit. 

One or two am workouts were common leading up to the NBA draft. 

Cole is constantly thinking of ways to master his craft and holds himself to an extremely high standard. I am forever appreciative of Cole for his friendship and support.

Tyson Ettienes is another guy you work closely with. Run through his game and how he has been able to develop so quickly?

Tyson’s the first guy who put complete trust in me to help develop his game. 

We started working together when we were both in high school and have been able to create a super unique friendship throughout our journey. Tyson’s diligence, professionalism, and obsessive work ethic inspires me to be a better student, friend, and coach everyday. 

Tyson’s consistency in his habits and focus on daily improvement for years prior and years to come make his true maximum potential unknown. 

What has been the most rewarding part of being an intern at BlackOps Basketball and as Chris Brickley’s right hand man?

The most rewarding part is the opportunity to learn tons about the game and life every day. 

Chris is like a big brother to me. He emphasizes intense preparation and a laser sharp attention to detail. He’s been around the highest level of basketball for an extremely long time and I never take a moment on the court or in the film room for granted.

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