Tell us about your current role with WSLAM? Whats your vision with the brand and how are you going to develop it within the SLAM brand ?

I am currently the Social Editor of the @WSLAM vertical.

I’ve managed all aspects of the brand’s development since day one, as well as the launch of the social vertials. My role consists of wearing many hats from running day to day content publishing, to working on partnership deals, and more. 

SLAM is known for being at the intersection of basketball and culture. My vision for WSLAM is to be an extension of that in the women’s game and also go beyond that to be the premier brand in the space. Through high-end content production, exclusive brand partnerships, and experiential activations, WSLAM is going to be the one stop shop for everything that is women’s basketball.


What were your aspirations growing up as a woman trying to get into the sports industry?

For me it was always about wanting to impact the world of basketball, specifically wanting to diversify the people in the decision making rooms. I had always hoped to be a voice in one of those rooms that helps evolve and shift culture so that one day I wouldn’t be one of the few women in the room. 

Entering the industry was tough as your motives are questioned along the way, but staying true to my life’s goal and putting the full weight of my passion behind it is really what’s helped me get to where I am today.


How did your experience at FSU prepare you for your career today?

At FSU I got experience in so many different areas of the athletic department, from working in media at, to the Marketing and Promotions office, to the Boosters Association. It was through those experiences that I was able to get a better sense of what specific industry I wanted to go into in the sports world.


Talk about your experience with the Knicks’ (make a wish foundation) and the WNBA? What were some highlights of those roles?

These were my first introductions to the world that is the business of sports. 

With the Knicks/Liberty, I worked specifically in Community Events where I got to see and learn just how much basketball impacts kids not only in the tri-state area, but even globally. My time with the WNBA taught me invaluable lessons about digital content and efficient processes that I will utilize the rest of my career. Both of these experiences shaped not only the trajectory of my career, but also my vision for where I hope to impact the world of women’s basketball. 


Where do you think the women’s game is headed? What advice do you instill in the next generation of female hoopers?

Women’s basketball is on an upward trajectory, as we see companies of all kinds (media, retail, etc.) making the investment to elevate the game. Beyond that, every generation of talent continues to get better and better. 

When you look at the current women’s movement we’ve been in for the last few years, you see immense results from coverage to the new CBA, and it’s only going up from here. 

For those next generations of hoopers, I would say to just keep grinding, stay true to yourself, and let all the work you’ve put in shine. The best is yet to come.