Bred Hampton, Digital Production Specialist for the Boston Celtics | Hoop Story #055

Bred Hampton, Digital Production Specialist for the Boston Celtics | Hoop Story #055

When did you first fall in love with shooting?  At what point did you find your lane?

I fell in love with shooting before I even purchased a camera. When I was young I used to buy magazines like XXL, The Source, and SLAM. That cover with Allen Iverson with his afro was iconic to me. That one photo really did it for me. I also remember buying rap albums for two reasons: the music and the album booklet inside the CD case with all the album photos. 

How did your career in Basketball get started?

I would say once I started filming T Clarke, It really opened my eyes up to the possibilities of shooting basketball a lot more. Through networking and dedication I was able to intern for Harvard’s Men Basketball program. I was tasked with the responsibility of taking game photos, filming practice and putting together recap game videos after each win. I would say that was when I really knew I wanted to shoot as a career and not a hobby. 

Talk about your relationship with the late Terrence Clarke and how that transpired?

To be completely honest, T Clarke had a buzz way before I met him. He was one of the top high school players in the country. Linking up with him was strictly organic. A friend of mine, “Juice,” was his coach and mentor. He mentioned he had a player on the team that was very talented and I should come capture him and the team. I pulled up and the rest was history.

Talk about some of your mentors, how they have helped you progress in life? 

Besides my family and friends who have been down with me since day 0 I would have to say Joseph Sherman Jr aka Sherm Szn. I introduced myself at a basketball event he was shooting at. I had always been a big fan of his work and wanted to pick his brain about the industry. He really took the time and broke things down for me whenever I asked and that's something I will always remember. He’s a real one for sure.

What have been the most memorable moments so far while shooting for the Celtics? What are you looking forward to most?

Two moments come to mind for me. The first would be my first time walking onto the court to through the tunnel to shoot my first game. I've been a Celtics fan my whole life. It was surreal for me to be on the same court I watched on TV since I was a kid. Second moment would be Kevin Garnett’s Jersey Retirement. I grew up watching that 08 team. Watching him, Pierce and Ray come together for the first time in years was special. To be able to capture that moment is something I'll never forget. 

What's your advice for the next generation?

Don't let clout consume you. It's not about who you shoot and who you don't shoot. Focus on the art and work on your craft. Worry less about the likes and followers and let things happen organically. Your work should speak for you.

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