The passion started before I even played the game. growing up in New York City basketball was a way of life especially in the Filipino culture.

Starting with AAU then High school to College, basketball is something that I worked hard from a mental and physical standpoint. It opened my eyes to understanding teamwork and how to make friendships. I still love game, I love to train, I love to compete and I have no signs of slowing down.

At the same time the hours that I’m not playing basketball still have to matter, I want to become a better human being, maximize my potential and leave something on this earth to be remembered by. Education is a never ending process and it takes time to become the leader of our own life. 


Tell us about the Players club? What inspired you to start it?

The club began as a college open run during the off season. Progressed onto the winter months and evolved into a yearly open run. 

It organically grew to where it is now, what I’m doing is nothing new. Open runs have been around. I simply gave it a name, coordinated to what I felt the basketball community needed and executed the concept. 

The public schools, principals, volunteers, photographers, videographers deserve all the credit for giving the club time and allowing access to their gyms and facilities.

The basketball society deserves a committed space where the game is celebrated and respected, growing up playing the game this is my form of expression and service to the culture. 


Did you discover anything new about yourself after starting The Players Club?

Yes, that I’m capable beyond belief. I believe everyone has an inner strength that they want to express.

Once you develop the gift and know that strength you want to share with the world, anything that you put your mind to or have the power to change or be better at. 

For me it was the power of gathering, people gather at obvious places, coffee shops, playgrounds, funerals and reunions. In this case it’s a basketball gathering that makes us feel alive, especially when you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.


What has the Players Club helped you do that you weren’t able to do before?

Asking my peers for guidance and reaching out for help. I have many different relationships and opportunities because of basketball.

Nate Brown & Marcus Stout (Pro Hoops) for educating me on how to play the game the right way. 

Lance Williams (NY Renaissance) for always welcoming me to the basketball circuit, Jeff Chen (NYC JAM) and my Jersey guys Justin Delaney (NJhooprecrit), Pat Lawless (Front Office) for participating and supporting the club. 

There’s also Nigel Snipes (Spalding), Alex Ewings (TNBC), Russ B (Bkbrn), Kojo (Dyckman Basketball), Jon Harary (Local Hoops) and Sam Choi (Stock X) these are all people who I look up to and who have mentored me in one form or another and continue to do so.


What is the goal and importance of The Players Club?

The micro goal is to continue to provide a dedicated space for basketball players, enthusiasts, artists, musicians, anyone part of basketball culture to participate in and celebrate the game. 

I’ve seen and experienced the game through multiple views, playing basketball is a tiny aspect of the club. The different personalities, skill level and backgrounds, coming together to play and compete, is beautiful we’re all doing it together for the culture.

The macro is to be a service for the youth and communities. Using our personal community to enrich and improve the lives of those around us. No matter how big or small getting involved in making the world a better place is the ultimate goal.