Hoop Story #003: AJ Richardson, Project Manager, CP3 LLC

Hoop Story #003: AJ Richardson, Project Manager, CP3 LLC

Where does your love for basketball come from and how are you involved in the basketball world today?

My love for basketball came from my cousins CJ and Chris. I remember growing up on school nights driving up to Winston-Salem with my mom and sister from Charlotte to watch Chris play at Wake Forest and just being in that crazy atmosphere or driving to Spartanburg and watching CJ play at USC Upstate. Now I'm blessed enough to work alongside them each as the project manager of CP3,LLC.

Talk about your role as project manager with CP3. Tell us about the team that works around CP3 and all the efforts that go on off the court.

My role has definitely been a learning experience. Being the youngest on the team I'm always being a sponge. Our team is literally one of a kind. It’s like a big family. I’m learning how brands work from the brand side, but also get the side of how athletes pick certain partnerships they want to represent and what all goes into that. It takes a lot of communication and studying brands, but I still have so much to learn. With me just now really entering my career and still finding my way i have amazing people that i can go to that are very well respected and most importantly always keep it real with me.

What are some of the projects you have spearheaded for CP3, what's your favorite one to date? Are there any projects that you are looking forward too?

We do so many amazing things; I don't really have a favorite. I will say a few that i look back on and be like “DAMN” we really made this happen. Recently going back to my alma mater North Carolina A&T University  and adding a Sports and Entertainment class in the business department through our CP3 Family Foundation in collaboration with Harvard Business School, that was pretty dope and the class is going amazing right now. Giving the HBCUs the awareness that they deserve and not being overlooked. It's a beautiful thing to see and giving opportunities to these HBCU students is really something that is important. It’s also really cool to work on projects with friends of mine. I will say our Eric Thomas shoe collaboration project was really fun for me cause i’m good friends with his son Jalin Thomas and being able to work together with him on that and bring it to life was really dope.

What are some things you have been able to learn from Cp3? What makes him different in the league?

Literally everything. I always say I'm blessed to be able to work for my role models CJ and Chris. One thing they stay on me about is just learning and being disciplined when it comes to whatever it is I want to achieve. What makes Chris different in the league is his basketball IQ and leadership on and off the court. He’s so smart and sees things on the court before they even happen. I don't think he gets enough credit for how he controls the game and always puts his team in a position to win, but i’m also biased lol.

How did you get involved with Go Hoop Day and Spalding? What's the ultimate goal?

Spalding is one of our partners, so we do a lot of great stuff with them through the years. As far as Go Hoop Day, Game 7 came to us in 2018 with the idea. The idea made so much sense cause it’s pretty much a national holiday for everything now, so why not give Basketball a national holiday and make it a day where we all come together as a community and celebrate the game. The goal of GHD is to create the world’s largest platform to celebrate the game of basketball and make GHD the single biggest sports holiday every year. So everyone make sure you mark your calendar “June 23rd” every year.

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